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Thank you for your interest in our movie “A HEIDELBERG HOLIDAY ”, an American Movie, that is being filmed in Germany / Heidelberg and in Eastern Europe in December and January .


Genre: American Family/Christmas Movie 



TYPE: Cable Television (Hallmark Channel)

PRODUCTION COMPANY GERMANY: Giganten Film, Ludwigsburg

LOCATIONS: Heidelberg Germany and Eastern Europe ( tba)



Heidi heads to Germany to sell her hand-painted ornaments at the famous Heidelberg Christmas Market. She stays with a local family and can’t help but become entrenched in their holiday traditions. As she falls in love with the city she was named after, she also falls for a local artisan and son of the family who is helping her connect with her lost heritage.


We are looking for 2 Children ( boys and girls), the siblings JONA and DANI. 


Age: 6-10 Years old 


Shooting days /Kids: 6 


If you are interested in acting, outgoing and fluent in English and German  

please sign up for the E casting.

Once you signed up, you will find more detailed information on the project and also the eCasting Scene.


Important :

DEADLINE : Sunday , 27.11 .2022  ,  7pm/19 Uhr 


Your data is protected and is only being used by me and my assistant  for this project.


Since we are so short on time, I  won´t divide the roles yet. 

So all the eCastings are for the Role of JONA. 

The classification will follow after we have watched the eCastings. ( the roles are equal in size )


JONA: e casting : please click here to open the application page


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